Cycling is a brilliant mode of transport, in fact central government has recently invested time and money into cycle initiatives and infrastructure across the country.

Your journey to work could be healthier, quicker, cheaper and more enjoyable. By simply switching your method of travel you could avoid the traffic, burn calories and feel revitalised by the time you get to the office.

There are some great routes into the city centre and surrounding areas of Chester, below we’ve listed a few which will help you avoid the traffic and be the envy of all your friends…

Traffic-free routes

Canal Pathway

An approximate 15km/10 mile journey along the Shropshire Union Canal towpath from Waverton to Ellesmere Port. The paths are all flat except for a short hill leading to the Northgate Locks in the heart of Chester. The canal towpath can at times become narrow and you will have to negotiate some low bridges, so it’s not suitable for bikes towing trailers.

Railway Path/Chester Greenway

The Greenway starts in Mickle Trafford and ends in Deeside. This route utilises the track bed of the disused railway line, the path which is part of the National Cycle Network route 5, was constructed in 2000 and is also known as the Millennium Grenway, and extends past Kingsway and onto Mickle Trafford.

Other routes

As well as the Canal Path and the Greenway, Chester has some brilliant cycle routes that are ideal for all, no matter what level of ability you are at. Why not download a couple and take advantage of these great pieces of infrastructure?

Black Route

Between the city centre and Hoole Lane the Black Route follows the Scarlett Route, this leads to Hoole and Vicars Cross.

Blue Route

7 of the 10 cycle routes mapped out provide access to the circular Blue Route, joining all the surrounding areas of Chester with the city centre.

Pink Route

The Pink Route links with the Greenway giving access to Deeside Industrial Estate or Mickle Trafford, and the Greyhound retail park via the White Route.

Purple Route

The Purple Route connects to the Blue Route at Lower Bridge Street, providing a loop around the city centre. This links to 7 routes connecting outer districts of Chester with the city centre.

Scarlet Route

Between the city centre and Hoole Lane, the Scarlet Route follows the Black Route, this goes through Boughton to the village of Huntington.

Silver Route

The Silver Route connects with the White Route. This runs from Sealand Road to Upton via Bache and the Countess of Chester Hospital.

Turquoise Route

The Turquoise Route connects with the White Route. This runs from Sealand Road to Upton via Bache and the Countess of Chester Hospital.

White Route

The White Route connects to the Turquoise Route which follows Sealand Road, linking the Greyhound Retail Park to Blacon and the city centre.


The Bikeability map for Chester comes in really handy if you are wanting to cycle around Chester. Not only does it give you a comprehensive map for all of Chester and the surrounding area, it even shows you where the 10 coloured routes above, start and end.

Ellesmere Port, Neston, Frodsham and Helsby

The Bikeability map for Ellesmere Port, Neston, Frodsham and Helsby, contains some great routes for you to try. They are even highlighted based on ability.


Cycle routes around Neston.

Northwich and Winsford

The Bikeability map for Northwich and Winsford, shows you some of the great routes in the area. Even if you are new to cycling, you can find a route that suits you.

Cycle security

Did you know? A bike is stolen every 71 seconds in the UK.

As part of itravelsmart initiative, we are offering a free bike micro-chipping across the area. The retail value of these microchips is £14.99. Over 1,000 bicycles have been chipped so far in Chester and Ellesmere Port.

The ‘Immobitag’ microchip is an easy-to-fit electronic tag that’s embedded into your bike frame and is almost impossible to remove. Each tag contains a unique serial number that is registered on the UK national property register, and can be read by all the police across UK displaying the bike’s status and ownership details.

Cheshire Police frequently hold bike chipping events where members of the public can get their bicycle security chipped for free. For further information and to request bike chipping visit:

Looking after your bike

We’ve produced a few videos to help look after your bike.

Cycle to Work Scheme

Fare Deal

The Fare Deal scheme has been established to support residents that have been unemployed for more than 3 months to help with travel to work. Eligible residents that successfully gain employment can apply for bus vouchers for travel to work for up to a six month period.

Cycle scheme

The Cycle Scheme supports residents that have been unemployed for more than 3 months. Eligible residents can loan a bike for up to 6 months to travel to work. The scheme is particularly useful for customers that work shift patterns and have no access to public transport.

For more information on Fare Deal or Cycle Scheme contact: Skills and Employment Team on 0151 3566780.