itravelsmart is committed to promoting sustainable transport choices.

However we also realise that replacing car trips with walking, cycling or travelling by public transport is not always viable. To help you out, we have teamed with partners to bring options to Smarter Car Use – Car sharing, Car clubs and Electric Cars

Car sharing is when two or more people share a car and travel together.  It allows people to benefit from the convenience of the car, whilst alleviating the associated problems of parking, congestion and pollution.  It is a great alternative to consider for your daily commute. The benefits include reducing your petrol costs, removing stress from your day and socialising with friends. Even car-sharing once a week can dramatically reduce congestion and pollution.

Car sharing

Did You know? People who car share save approx £780 per year

Car sharing may be informal through friends or colleagues travelling to work together or formal, using organized car share scheme. There are a number of journey sharing websites which are free for individuals to join and review matches. Find out more about car sharing schemes and how you can get involves at the following links:

Liftshare is an online journey matching service that finds you travelling companions. Liftshare funds itself by helping businesses and organisations in the UK set up their own online journey-matching tools to encourage local car-sharing and more sustainable mobility.

Drivers and passengers can find, offer and book lifts, and check out what fellow travellers are like via their user profiles. Save money on your journey costs by travelling together.

BlaBlaCar is a car sharing website that connects drivers with empty seats and paying passengers to offset distance travel costs. It operates in ten countries across Europe, and is based in Paris with offices in London, Madrid, Milan, Hamburg and Warsaw.

GoCarShare service is built around Facebook and helps you share car journeys with your extended social network.

Enterprise Car Club in Chester

The basic idea of a car club is that people can have access to a car without having to own it. A choice of low emission cars are now available In Chester for residents and businesses to share. The cars are available for use 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and can be booked in advance or last minute (online, via mobile app or by phone) by the hour, day or for as long as you want. Greater discounts are available for longer bookings.

Independent research has shown that up to 24 cars are taken off the road for each car club vehicle placed as people give up their own car or choose not to buy one, having a significant positive impact on congestion and air quality around the city. Costing under £5 an hour, the club takes care of insurance, fuel, tax, servicing, parking permits and even cleaning, so all you have to do is drive them away.

How it works

To join the scheme, simply complete an online application at the Enterprise Car Club website and one of the Clubhouse team will then call you to finalize the application. The annual personal car club membership is £60. After joining the car club, members can then book a vehicle via the Enterprise Car Club website or mobile app.

Once you have booked your vehicle, simply swipe your membership card across the car windscreen to unlock the doors. The membership card will also enable you to unlock the keys from the glove box and then the car is yours to go on your way.  All they ask is that you bring it back to the same bay that you picked it up from when you have finished with the vehicle.

For more information or if you wish to join the car club please visit the Enterprise Car Club website.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) and charging points

Electric vehicles offer significant environmental benefits compared to existing internal combustion engine vehicles.  They produce no tailpipe emissions and could save up to 40% of carbon dioxide emissions compared to a typical petrol family car.

Find out more about charge point providers and where to find them on

Grants for electric cars – private and businesses

Government support in the form of the Plug-in Vehicle Grant is available to reduce the higher initial cost. This provides a subsidy of:

  • 25%, up to £5,000, towards the cost of an electric car
  • 20%, up to £8,000, towards the cost of an electric van

For more information and guidance, The Department for Transport’s website has a list of eligible cars and eligible vans.