Case studies

M&S Bank

In supporting staff in their travel to Chester Business Park itravelsmart held an event demonstrating self help cycle maintenance.

Staff were surveyed and received tailored journey plans allowing them to make a comparison between travel to work mode based on time, cost, distance and calories.

The Countess of Chester

itravelsmart has surveyed the Countess of Chester staff with the results providing an action plan going forward. Staff who took part can expect to receive a personalised travel goodie bag with incentives and information to try more sustainable travel.

West Cheshire College

Staff and students at the Ellesmere Port campus now have the provision of 10 secure Velo-Safe lockers as part of the itravelsmart grants scheme.

The team has also supported WCC staff training events and fresher’s fares, ensuring members of the college, existing and new can benefit from sustainable travel tips and guidance.

Lloyds Banking Group

The itravelsmart team began working with Lloyds Banking Group in 2012 after being contacted by them due to parking issues. The staff car park was full and staff had begun parking in residential areas which in response caused issues with the local residents due to the streets being narrow in that area.

Surveys were done to discover what modes of transport staff used and where they were coming from in order to establish if alternatives could be considered such as car sharing and cycling, or commuting by bus and rail. The itravelsmart team have installed bike shelters that are dry and safe and bikes are now monitored to ensure safety. A local bike shop was invited to fix bikes for free. Incentives such as bike lights and bells were offered in order to encourage cycling.

The situation was monitored and there was a great improvement, with the car park no longer being full due to staff taking alternative modes of transport such as cycling or rail. There has been a 15% decrease in staff that travel to work by car.

The University of Chester

The University has a growing cycling culture with a newly launched Bicycle User Group and now has the privilege of two new covered cycle shelters which were provided in partnership with itravelsmart.

The team held a special ‘How You Travel Event’ at their Main Campus focused on providing all the information, support and tools people might need to try walking, cycling, car sharing or public transport as all or part of their daily commute.

Muir Housing

Muir Housing in partnership with itravelsmart held an event where staff could get their bike serviced and chipped for free alongside receiving a range of travel goodies, timetables, maps and information.

itravelsmart worked with Muir to develop ways to share sustainable travel benefits with members of the community.

My Journey to Work – Cycling

By Sara Braidwood, NHS Coordinator

I started cycling to work at the beginning of May 3 years ago to get fitter for a planned summer cycle ride around Anglesey. I had an old rusty bike from Woolworths in my garden shed and I kept making this a barrier as I thought it wouldn’t even get me to work and back – 8 miles there and 8 miles back.

There was an incentive in work to change the way to travel to work and I decided to take this up (and also there was a prize at the end of the week!)

Cycling is great in the good weather, not so great in the bad; but the shower facilities at the office they are a bonus! Sometimes I arrive looking like a drowned rat, other times sun kissed and healthy. Many a time I have forgotten something like my work shoes, a towel, hair brush – etc. and ended up with a bad hair day or trainers under my suit trousers!  Being organised is very important!

My job takes me out and about across the North West, so I need to plan when I can cycle to work and now days I look forward to the days I can cycle.

Cycling to work has totally changed the way I travel now and I would encourage anyone to just give it a go!   All in all, I love the fact that I can cycle to work, enjoy the fresh air and sense of freedom on my bike and arrive fit, happy and ready for a day’s work.