Park & Ride

Avoid the stress of city centres and struggling to find a parking space. Use one of Chester’s four Park & Ride locations, it’s so simple, just park, and ride…

Several bus routes have dedicated bus lanes to whizz past the queuing traffic. Using the Park & Ride is one of the ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and save yourself a fair amount of money, with a return fare costing £2.

Park & Ride locations

There are four Park and Ride locations around Chester:

  • Boughton Heath (CH3 5QD)
  • Sealand Road (CH1 4LQ)
  • Upton (CH2 1LH)
  • Wrexham Road (CH4 9DE)

Bus information

The Park and Ride bus service runs every ten minutes at peak times and every 15 minutes off-peak. There are various drop off and pick up points around Chester – see the Park and Ride timetables:

  • Boughton Heath Park and Ride timetable (PDF, 60KB)
  • Sealand Road Park and Ride timetable (PDF, 185KB)
  • Upton Park and Ride timetable (PDF, 161KB)
  • Wrexham Road Park and Ride timetable (PDF, 40.1KB)


Car parking is free.

Adult return bus fare £2, with up to 2 accompanied children (under 16s free)

A saver book of tickets is £10 – five return tickets and one free

A new Park & Ride service commences on the 3rd July 2016.